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I know everyone'ssaying it but so true. So true.

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Usually Madness day flashes don't wow me the way they used to. Just generic shoot-em ups. But this, not only has some great scenes and camerawork, but an intresting, compelling plot.

You really created a unique yet simple character. Felt like I was watching a full feature movie, not just a little flash. Excellent work!

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I've been watching these since the first. The animation is pristine, the idea unique, and the plot hilarious. Excellent work!

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At first I was wondering-

-"Why the hell is this so popular?" But a few countless upgrades later, I figured it out.

Nice work~ Very enjoyable (at least by the end).

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What makes this game so fantastic...

Is that even within the Alpha state, its still so addicting! If Nintendo had any sense, they should have done this years ago. Even he potential of what lies ahead makes me eager for more. Ill be sure to frequently check in on this.

I've seen many takes on Classic Tower Defense. This by far is one of my most favorite to date. I eagerly await the next update.

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It took me a moment to get used to using gravity, but once I did, it was tons of fun building 100+ meteors to crush planets.

One of my problems with this game is that it was so short. This totally needs its own endless/sandbox mode, perhaps more level and more civilizations to crush~

The other was that a single laser blast from a snail or the Boss was enough to send my meteor to explode. Perhaps for larger meteors, they should take more then one hit before they explode?

Other then these few personal preferences, the gameplay was very solid and extremely enjoyable. Also, name of the song please? I know Ive heard it before, but for the life of me, I cannot remember the title...

Anyway, 10/10, 5/5.

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This song...

Its good for so many things and i listen to it alot... while driving. cooking, excersising, and playing starcraft... (cough)

Its just such a sick beat. <3

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I usually don't write for audio submissions...

But I've been a huge fan of your work for a long while now. Im glad to see you've returned. Again, welcome back.

-Old fan

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When it comes to audio on newgrounds...

If the first 10 seconds doesn't grab me, I skip over it. But within the first two i knew I had found something spectacular. I had so many ideas flit through my head through that fantastic intro it was ridiculous.

I eagerly await more of your work.

Not much to say. Wish I could animate, but don't have the funding, so I just enjoy other works here.

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